Washington Naval Shipyard Shooting

What a terrible example of the wickedness of man!  Twelve fine Americans were senselessly killed by a mentally ill navy contractor, Aaron Alexis.

Two things…  One, how did a mentally ill man gain access to this top security base where they design our warships?  That is a major breakdown in our security systems and exposes our government’s failure to put mentally ill people into the BATF database.  The background checks he was given did not reveal his past run ins with the law.  It’s all about politics.  I am a conservative.  You KNOW whom I think the bad guys are.

Two, every person shot would have passed a background check to carry a concealed weapon in most states.  However, this is Washington, DC and subject to silly federal laws against concealed carry on a military base.   They could not legally defend themselves.  Remember Ft. Hood, where great people were killed by a mentally ill moslem  when those people were NOT allowed to carry a gun to protect themselves.

Political Correctness and Gun Control will destroy our nation if the majority of us do not speak up.  The voters of Colorado made a change by recalling pro-gun control senators.  We need to vote out leaders who do not respect our constitution and vote in conservatives who love freedom.


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