As is our regular practice, Reenie and I went to church this morning.  Though we are in a different area nearly every Sunday, we have a clear need, both for obedience sake and our soul’s needs, to worship and hear God’s word taught every Sunday.  Accountability would be nice, but we are still working on that.

Today was no exception.  We attended a decent church here in Findlay, Ohio.  We found it in our usual way.  We went online last night and searched “Baptist,” “Evangelical,” “Community,” “Bible,” “Fellowship,” etc in hopes of finding a church that was faithful to the Word and cared about the community.  The caring part we look for is a decent website.  This is the year 2013.  A decent website says you want people to find you and connect with God.  One website did not say what the church believed.  So, we figured they did not believe anything and, thus, were liberals!

Most church experiences have been good.  Immanuel Bible Church in Saginaw MI has a great history of sending lots of young people to the mission field.  One of its first members was killed with Jim Elliott back in the ’50s by the Auca Indians.  The current church is very friendly, missions minded and has great teaching.  The pastor has his PhD from Liberty University.  We were able to attend there 3 weeks.  One couple had us over for dinner one evening.  This is a fine church.

The number one negative for us is KJV only churches.  It is illogical to think that God quit working and protecting His word over 400 years ago.  Plus, no one speaks King James English today.  We have found profound ignorance and arrogance in KJV only churches.  We even were in one when the preacher took a modern English version, spit on it and then threw it on the floor!  Most (if not all) are more concerned about their “purity” to the KJV than they are about winning people to Christ and growing in grace.  I believe most have not even read their KJV Bibles.  If they had, they would not be so proud and contentious and would love more.  I like the way Falwell put it: “It is okay to be a fundamentalist, but not okay to act like one.”


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  1. Danielle April 29, 2016 at 1:19 am #

    Hey Preacher Ron and Mrs Reenie idk if you remember me or not. This is Danielle Leaman. My family and I ate dinner with your family a few times and you preached at our church.sometimes you guys would ride my sisters and I home. Lumber River Bible fellowship on hwy 41 and the off chicken road was the two churches. I was just wondering how you’ll were and to say me and my family love and miss u both! Also do u preach at another church? If this isnt whom I thought it was I apologize for the misunderstanding.c:

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