Reenie and I just arrived at our next project in Pennsylvania after doing two in New York state and taking a day at Niagara Falls.  It was a beautiful drive from Brockport near Rochester and driving mainly two-lane roads to PA.  You see so much more of an area and history driving that way as opposed to the interstate.

I feel more free.  New York’s gun laws are so restrictive that I could not even have a gun to defend myself since I am not a resident of NY.  That is crazy!  I am an American.  Yes, today a nutjob killed a dozen or more in Washington, but, don’t forget, none of those people were allowed by law to have a gun to defend themselves!  Washington DC is very restrictive on guns.  Remember, these nutjobs always go to gun-free zones.  They don’t want people shooting back.

I can and do legally carry a concealed handgun in most states.  Yet, I can cross a state line and automatically become a felon if I continue to carry.  What is going on in our country?  That is not right.  I did not feel safe in NY.  It was great seeing all of the yard signs reading “Repeal the SAFE Act.”  That was the childish gun-control law recently pushed through by cowardly NY state legislators and signed by the anti-freedom governor, Cuomo.  Gun-control laws disarm law-abiding citizens.  They do NOT disarm the government or criminals, the two biggest abusers of human rights throughout history.  Just ask the Brits and the Aussies where the people were disarmed and violent crime rates when up exponentially.  Coloradans got it right when they recalled the democrats who pushed through their recent gun-control laws.



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