Seven Deadly Sins

I do not know who first promulgated the Seven Deadly Sins, but I would say they are a fairly good way of cataloging sin.  They are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Wrath, Envy and Pride.  I have been guilty at one time or another of all but gluttony, that, is, “eating to the point of looking pregnant.”  (However, it is a lack of self-control and I have too often been guilty of that.)

Wisdom is something I have been asking for many decades now.  It seems to elude me.  God promised to give it if asked for (James 1:5), but I must be asking for the wrong reasons since I have yet to get it.  Too often I say things more hurtful than helpful, poorly timed or silent for fear.  We need wisdom in dealing with sin in both ourselves and others.  To ignore other’s sin is to be unloving.  If a person were driving off a cliff and we refused to warn them, should that be considered loving?  I think not.  So is the case with sin.  I see people destroying themselves and their relationships and find myself addressing the issue.  Yet many are unwilling to receive such warnings.  Is that because I am doing it wrong, or because they lack the wisdom to listen (Proverbs 12:15).  I suppose it is too often a combination of both.

Sin is a destroyer.  We need to be grateful to those who point it out with a desire for our protection.  If they point it out to insult or attack us, that makes it difficult to receive.  But love covers a multitude of sins.  I remember an older couple pointing out a discipline issue to us concerning our sons.  Thank God we received this criticism with the love it was given and our boys are the beneficiaries of that.


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