Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT

As I sit here watching the tv news report of today’s shooting at Newtown Elementary school, my first thought is grief and sympathy for all the families at the school. We prayed for them and hope that they turn to God, the God of all comfort. The news commentators keep talking about trying to understand such behavior. Most of them refuse to acknowledge that some people are evil.

Many of us are already bracing ourselves for the calls for more gun control. These calls reveal an overwhelming lack of wisdom and understanding. One murder is tragic. This terrible event was made even more horrendous just because of gun control

One capable person in that school could have greatly reduced the numbers of dead. But, it is against the law because of gun control to have a gun in any school in America. Did that stop the shooter? Of course not! He was a lawless evil man. Gun control only disarms the law abiding, not the lawless. Gun control tells evil people that no one is going to shoot back. They have disarmed targets.

This shooting is the result of not only an evil man, but also the result of gun control. Just imagine if I or any number of lawfully licensed and skilled gun owners was there with our gun. That shooter may have gotten a few shots off, but he would have quickly succumbed to the law of self-defense. Actually, if he had known law abiding people could arm themselves, he most likely would not have attempted such an evil deed. Again, this horrendous even was made WORSE by gun control. Some say, “That is what the police are for.” Did you notice when the police showed up? After the shooting! Police only investigate these things; they do not stop them. Why do I carry a gun? Because that gun weighs less than a police officer. Don’t get me wrong. I love and respect the police. I was an MP in the Army from 1972-75. Police are the salt of the earth. However, they cannot be everywhere at all times. Law-abiding people should not be disarmed.

We all have seen the response of many who will say, “Guns are evil. Only evil people use guns.” How silly! Police use guns to enforce the law. The military protects our freedoms with guns. Guns are simply a tool. In fact, most homicides in America are not with guns, and the number one weapon of choice for non-gun homicides is a baseball bat (that is according to the FBI). It is foolish to push bat-control just as it is to push gun-control.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the following are the top ten “killers” in America in order:
1. Tobacco use: 529,000
2. Medical errors: 195,000
3. Unintentional injuries: 118,021
4. Alcohol abuse: 107,400
5. Motor vehicle accidents: 34,485
6. Unintentional poisoning: 31,758
7. Drug abuse: 25,500
8. Unintentional falls: 24,792
9. Non-firearm homicides: 16,799
10. Firearm homicides: 11,493

Freedom must prevail.


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