New York and Freedom

Reenie and I took a weekend off work, rented a car, and drove into Manhattan. The drive is a story in itself with being almost run over by all those aggresive NY drivers. I will resist the temptation to embarass myself as I consider myself a good driver.  At least we lived through the experience.  Friday night traffic was heavy, but Garmin came through for us.

Arriving at the Club Quarters two blocks from the NYSE was an experience.  Apparently, that area of Manhattan was undergoing its periodic building facade inspections and repairs, which attempt to keep facade materials from falling onto the sidewalks and killing people–probably a good idea, but it made the area look terrible, driving on the already narrow streets like threading a needle, and walking on the sidewalks like running a gauntlet.

Saturday morning’s daylight gave us a much better perspective of the current Manhattan atmosphere. Police were everywhere. Streets were blocked off. We felt very safe with such a show of resolve by New York City. The police we observed and spoke with were all professional and first class people. They not only gave great directions and knew the area, they also knew where all the good restaurants were. Take my word for it: NY cops are cool!

We had two goals in particular for the weekend. We wanted to see the World Trade Center (WTC) site, and visit the Statue of Libery/Ellis Island. Saturday morning we purchased tickets for a Sunday tour of the Statue. After lunch we walked to the WTC. You have to get a free ticket to go into the WTC area, but the first available were for 5pm. With a few available hours, we rode the subway up to the Intrepid Museum pier. What an awesome place! That is an all day trip, especially at $26 per person. We weren’t going to spend that for two hours, so we enjoyed the waterfront, then rode the subway back to the WTC.

The WTC was an emotional experience. Our government, thanks to Bill Clinton (the boy), let the Moslem terrorists know that attacking America is no big deal. They did not count on GW (the man) fighting back. I liked the “Let’s Roll.”

Not knowing the area well has its drawbacks. We asked a policeman for a good pizza place, but were in a hurry. He recommended a place farther away. We walked to the closer place and got the worst pizza we have ever had. How do you make a bad pizza? I wish I could remember the name of it.

We normally go to church Sundays regardless of where we are, but this weekend was too limited. Our Statue tour started at 9am. Boarding the ferry with about 200 other people went well, but, thanks to a nut this past summer, we had to undergo an airport type search. The boat ride was very good.

I am somewhat of a history buff. It fascinates me how most people refuse to learn from history and, hence, are doomed to repeat it. Immigration is an essential ingredient to America’s greatness. Einstein immigrated to America. Immigration is wonderful as long as it is legal. It is illegal immigration that we conservatives hate. What part of “Illegal” does the liberal not understand?

The Statue of Liberty represents the freedom most of us take for granted. Millions risked all they had and overcame fear and the unknown to come to America and taste freedom. It is amazing that so many voters today are willing to give up freedom for a bowl of porridge from the democrat party. Courage was common among those immigrants but very uncommon among their descendents who vote mostly democrat. Did I tell you I vote republican?

I highly recommend a trip to the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. Most likely, gratitude will well up in your heart for the freedoms we enjoy. America is the greatest nation to have ever existed on God’s green earth. I am proud to be an American.


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