Minimum Wage

Obama is doing his best to destroy the economy and black community in particular.  Unemployment among blacks is at its highest point in over a generation.  By raising taxes and excessive government spending, he has pulled the capital out of the economy that it needs to expand and hire.  The debt is really ridiculous and is unsustainable.  And why should anyone hire when the government is going to punish companies for not providing expensive health insurance for each employee?  Obamacare is a job destroyer.

I lost my insurance thanks to Obamacare.  The insurance I had would not cover my pregnancy.  ( Note to Obama: men do not have babies!)  To get qualifying insurance I would have to pay more than twice what I am currently paying.  So I am buying unqualifying insurance and will pay the penalty.  (I don’t plan on getting pregnant.)

The minimum wage tells companies “You may not hire anyone whose marginal productivity is less than the minimum wage.”  (Companies would be foolish to do so.)  Young black men in particular have dropped out of school at a much higher rate than others and, because of this, generally lack the qualification/education to meet the standards companies are looking for.  That drop-out rate is another discussion.

Those states that are raising their minimum wages are going to see an increase in joblessness.  Companies are rightly in business to make money.  It is not their business to provides jobs and medical insurance.  They will figure out ways to cut expenses because, if they do not turn a profit, they and all of their employees will be out of work!  The socialist/communist mind that occupies Obama’s head is incapable of understanding this.  That is why I did not vote for him.



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