Gun Presence

As I have mentioned before, Reenie and I cried when we heard about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. It was a horrible waste of innocent lives, most of whom were the ages of our grandchildren and the children of many of our friends. People saw what could happen when one nutjob goes into a gun-free zone. Did I say “gun-free”? Maybe the nutjob did not read the memo. Laws are made for the law-abiding, not outlaws. It is childish to think laws will protect you from outlaws.

Sandy Hook had one nutjob with a semi-automatic rifle shooting at people. The law-abiding had no guns. Result: 28 dead. Clackamas Mall in Oregon had one nutjob with the same weapon. The law-abiding had one handgun. Result: 2 dead. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the advandage of having a private citizen with a handgun present in such a dangerous situation. The nutjob in Clackamas was hitting his bolt and recharging handle when he looked up and saw a 22 year old man behind a pillar holding a Glock 22 on him. The nutjob’s next shot was to himself. Problem solved.

Liberals hate guns. Why? Because liberals have a tyrannical mindset and the number one tool of tyrants is gun control. History has proven this.

I repeat; the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting! It’s freedom, people.


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