"The Handsome Couple"


"The Handsome Couple"

Heade to the awards ceremony.

Last week, Reenie and I joined Danny, Laura and Levi in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for his national competition with Volkswagen. He is a VW salesman in Southern California and was one of 12 salesmen selected from the USA to compete for America’s Best VW Salesperson. Reenie and I were there with the excuse of babysitting Levi. (We thought it was a good excuse anyway!) From Tuesday evening until Friday morning we luxuriated in the plush Lago Mar resort with its magnificent pool, groomed beaches and gourmet foods. Oh, and we also babysat Levi while Danny and Laura partied with the corporate types in the evening at various venues around the city. Danny competed Wednesday and Thursday mornings by just being Danny.
The award ceremonies were held Thursday evening in a huge tent setup on the beach. Though the attire was formal, the shoes were company flip-flops with the competition’s logo on them. VW knows how to party! During the competition a VW rep went into each contestant’s room leaving a special gift. One night it was clothing. Another it was two pair of Oakley sunglasses. This last night is was an IPAD! Did I tell you that Reenie and I were babysitting? Levi is such a joy. We had a great time walking him around the grounds and through the neighborhood.
Did I mention that Danny took first place? A trip to Aruba with Laura is awaiting them in April. Now all Reenie and I have to figure out is how to get to southern CA to babysit Levi!


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  1. Linda Alexander February 4, 2011 at 7:33 am #

    What a wonderful story. Congratulations to Danny! Have a wonderful time on your special trip to Aruba!

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