Edward Snowden

The news recently has been filled with the story of Edward Snowden leaking classified information to the world concerning the NSA spying of many people in the world and especially Americans.  This has caused great anxiety among many people.  There has been talk of assassinating him, trying him for treason or just ignoring him.

My thoughts are that he has caused our country less damage than Barak Hussein Obama has caused.  Snowden has not damaged our economy, but Obama has.  Snowden has not decimated the employment roles, but Obama has.  Snowden did not take away my health insurance, but Obama did.  America’s prestige around the world was not nearly as soiled by Snowden as it has by Obama.  Snowden does not want to take away my guns, but Obama does.

I really do not think much about the Snowden situation.  Though I love my country dearly, I cannot do anything about Snowden or that entire NSA situation other than pray for those in power to make the right decisions.  I do know that my vote matters.  That is why I do not vote democrat.  And, if the republican put up Chris Christy in the next presidential election, I will not vote for him.  Vote conservative.


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