Many of us have been asking the question, “Why is courage in such short supply in our age?” Cowardice is in our pulpits and our politicians. Doing the right thing is out of vogue. People stand by while a homeless man pushes another man onto the subway tracks to be killed.

My submission to the list of possibilities is the attitude that “the government will take care of it.” Another way of putting it is laziness of character. It is easier to sit down for the wrong thing than to fight for the right thing.

Look at Obama. railing against the republicans and the republicans not fighting back. They are caving before the blood starts flowing. They would have cried like babies if they had faced a pirate’s sword. We are not facing a pirate’s sword; we are facing national bankruptcy by a marxist void of common sense. He thinks he can spend his way to prosperity. Most of the households in this country know better than that.

Republicans need a good dose of courage. They need to stand by their principles and let the economy fall by Obama’s hand, not theirs. Obama will probably never see the truth. But, when you have the newsmedia kissing your feet, it is easy to miss the obvious and believe you are infallible. Along with voters reelecting you after doing the worst job of leading since Jimmy Carter, it is easy to understand the bravado. I just wish my grandchildren didn’t have to pay the price.


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