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Seven Deadly Sins

I do not know who first promulgated the Seven Deadly Sins, but I would say they are a fairly good way of cataloging sin.  They are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Wrath, Envy and Pride.  I have been guilty at one time or another of all but gluttony, that, is, “eating to the point of looking […]

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Coming to Christ

In today’s America, Christians usually talk about salvation in terms of getting the unsaved to love Jesus because He loves them. “Ask Jesus into your heart so you may have eternal life.” This is only part of the process. The beginning of the process is recognizing the NEED for Jesus. We are sinners because we […]

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Washington Naval Shipyard Shooting

What a terrible example of the wickedness of man!  Twelve fine Americans were senselessly killed by a mentally ill navy contractor, Aaron Alexis. Two things…  One, how did a mentally ill man gain access to this top security base where they design our warships?  That is a major breakdown in our security systems and exposes our […]

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As is our regular practice, Reenie and I went to church this morning.  Though we are in a different area nearly every Sunday, we have a clear need, both for obedience sake and our soul’s needs, to worship and hear God’s word taught every Sunday.  Accountability would be nice, but we are still working on […]

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Gun Presence

As I have mentioned before, Reenie and I cried when we heard about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. It was a horrible waste of innocent lives, most of whom were the ages of our grandchildren and the children of many of our friends. People saw what could happen when one nutjob goes into a gun-free […]

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